The Cover

Each material in the cover was carefully selected for a specific performance quality. It's made entirely of self-extinguishing materials for superior fire protection that exceeds what is required by law. It's also easy to remove and is launderable.

Most importantly, it looks and feels like a luxurious piece of furniture. It's so soft to the touch and stylish you may feel you don't want to put a sheet on it!


The SWITLIK Sleep System outer cover is made of Merino wool, a miracle fabric. It doesn't itch like traditional wool. It’s soft to the touch. It's naturally odor repellent, breathable and manages moisture better than any other fiber. Perfect all year round, it will cool you down in summer and keep you warm in winter.

Wool Batting

100% wool batting provides inherent flame retardant (IFR) protection, while adding softness, plushness and cushioning to the SWITLIK Sleep System topper. The material features excellent loft retention, compression resistance and minimal shrinkage after washing. It's also totally pure and natural, free of any chemical agents, or polyester thermal bonding.

Fire Barrier

No fiberglass here! We've built the fire barrier directly into the cover, so you won’t have to worry about misplacing or reinstalling it when you remove and wash your topper.

The robust Ventex® fire barrier layer protects the mattress from catching fire. It's made of fabric blended from totally chlorine free (TCF), flame retardant rayon and para-aramid fibers (also known by the brand name Kevlar®), which have a very high strength-to-weight ratio.


The lower section of the topper has a layer of ventilation fabric to help reduce heat build-up and provide extra support.

Sourced from the sneaker industry, the ventilation layer is made up of versatile spacer fabric that has superior air circulation, even under a load. 3mesh® spacer fabric is not only pressure-absorbent, it also offers excellent vibration protection and dampening.


The SWITLIK Sleep System topper is lined with inherently flame retardant (IFR) fabric. The liner layer covers the fire barrier and ensures that movement in the Comfort Chamber is noiseless.


The finishing touch to the SWITLIK Sleep System is provided by a siding made of Balmory wool. It's a luxurious, yarn-died, textured wool boucle of exceptional durability, which has a natural resiliency and will conform to any contour. It's also inherently flame retardant with no loss of protection through washing.

Non-Skid Bottom Non-Skid Bottom

The SWITLIK Sleep System is considerably lighter than most traditional mattresses. However, there's no need to worry that it will slide off your bed frame. The underside of the  outer cover is made of a special Slip-Not fabric, which is strongly resistant to wear and abrasion while also offering excellent grip in all conditions. It's waterproof and flame retardant, as well as being soft and launderable. 

SWITLIK Sleep System Cover
SWITLIK Sleep System

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Watch the Unboxing Video