Do You Really Know Your Mattress?

During the average lifespan of a traditional spring, air or foam mattress, a wealth of disgusting creatures and bacteria accumulate. This provides an extremely unhygienic sleep surface. By the end of its average 14-year lifecycle, your mattress will be home to:

- 10 million+ dust mites - more than the population of NYC
- 364 gallons of sweat - equivalent to four bathtubs
- 42 pounds of dead skin - heavier than two car tires

Pretty horrific isn't it?

Say Goodbye Mattress, Hello Hygiene

Let's Talk Hygiene

There is a solution to this gruesome problem. Introducing the revolutionary new SWITLIK Sleep System. Not only does our Sleep System provide ultimate comfort, but our technology stops anything from penetrating the sealed Comfort Chamber. The layered topper and Merino wool outer cover are also completely removable and launderable. So no more sharing your bed with a host of creatures and bacteria.

Goodbye Mattress, Hello Hygiene.

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Other Benefits

There are many other benefits to the SWITLIK Sleep System, than just being clean & cleanable.

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