Simply Adjustable

Suffer From Poor Sleep?

Did you know that 65% of Americans suffer from poor sleep?

No wonder when it’s impossible to find a mattress that you and your partner can agree on. There really is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all mattress because everyone prefers a different level of firmness.

Even if you do get it right, our bodies and the way we sleep change over time. So, what’s comfortable today can result in sleepless nights tomorrow.

Simply Adjustable

Simply Adjustable Sleep Surface

The SWITLIK Sleep System is individually adjustable. The dual chambers in our King and Queen Sleep Systems mean that both you and your partner have complete and individual control over your side of the bed. With just a simple press of your Tap-It-To-Tune-It® valve, you can adjust your bed to a level of firmness that’s perfect for you at any time, with complete support across every inch of the sleep surface.

No pumps, no hoses, no wires, no noise. The SWITLIK Sleep System is simply adjustable, uniquely comfortable and so easy to use that you could almost do it in your sleep!

How It Works

Our innovative technology will revolutionize your sleep.

See It In Action

Watch the unboxing video.

Watch the Unboxing Video