Just How Safe Is Your Mattress?

Did you know that standard mattresses contain a number of toxic materials which could compromise your health and have been linked to breast cancer? Even worse, it may not be truly fire retardant. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, but how can it be when you’re worrying about the safety of your mattress?


There’s Safe and Then There’s SWITLIK Safe

Our expertise in designing the SWITLIK Sleep System comes from 100 years of experience in the safety and survival industry. Safety has always been at the heart of everything that we do.

The SWITLIK Sleep System has flame retardant properties that exceed regulatory requirements. The topper is also made of environmentally friendly materials that are naturally flame retardant.

We don't rely on fire retardant treatments that can be washed out or compromised, so no need to worry about being exposed to chemically treated materials or fiberglass.

Because the SWITLIK Sleep System is exceptionally clean and hygienic, there's less risk to your health too. The sealed Comfort Chamber is impervious to contaminants and can be cleaned and sanitized with standard household cleaners. The Merino wool topper and all other components of the cover are easy to launder.

Now that’s SWITLIK peace of mind.

Safe Infographic

How It Works

Our innovative technology will revolutionize your sleep.

See It In Action

Watch the unboxing video.

Watch the Unboxing Video