How It Works

So, why is the SWITLIK Sleep System so much better than a traditional mattress? It's our revolutionary Seafoam® Technology and the clever Tap-It-To-Tune-It™ valve. We've combined this advanced technology with carefully chosen materials and components to create a sleep surface that not only adapts to the way you sleep. It feels luxurious, while also being lightweight, hygienic, durable and safe.

Inner Workings

The Comfort Chamber's self-inflatable core is made of a blend of foams, certified to CertiPure-US standards. The Tap-It-To-Tune-It™ valve enables the firmness of this foam core to be simply adjusted.

The Cover

The outer cover is made of high-quality Merino wool, which is beautifully soft to the touch, naturally odor repellant, breathable and exceptionally resistant to moisture. The cover is fully removable and launderable.

Materials Used

The layered topper has a Ventex fire barrier and a double layer of ventilation fabric which helps reduce heat build-up and provides extra support, as well as a flame-retardant liner. The finishing touch to the SWITLIK Sleep System is the luxurious Merino wool cover.

Patented Technology

The SWITLIK Sleep System uses our proprietary Seafoam® Technology, which we originally developed for use in survival equipment. By creating negative pressure within the foam core, the technology delivers a unique, personalized sleep experience.

The Cover

Each material in the topper was carefully selected for a specific performance quality. It's made entirely of self-extinguishing materials for superior fire protection that exceeds what is required by law. It's also easy to remove and is washable. Most importantly, it looks and feels like a luxurious piece of furniture. It's so soft to the touch and stylish you may feel you don't want to put a sheet on it!

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Seafoam® Technology

The SWITLIK Sleep System is based on the SWITLIK proprietary Seafoam® Technology manufacturing process.

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The Tap-It-To-Tune-It™ valve is made of anodized aluminum and features a laser engraved logo on the button. Specially designed to resist pressure and increase durability, it's an evolution of the valves used on our SWITLIK life rafts.

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How It Works

Our innovative technology will revolutionize your sleep.

See It In Action

Watch the unboxing video.

Watch the Unboxing Video