Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure that the core of your Sleep System is protected and remains clean, adjustable and comfortable for years to come, we seal the core with a Polyurethane film membrane. This membrane is permanently affixed to the core and is impermeable by both water and air (along with many other things that you don’t want making their way into your SWITLIK Sleep System!).

With most mattresses, the off-gassing comes from the adhesive joining the different layers. With the Sleep System, we’ve included in our production process a period of time to dissipate any odors associated with this; in a controlled environment before applying the film. Also, there are no chemical off-gassing concerns associated with the film.

The exact life expectancy of your SWITLIK Sleep System is determined by numerous environmental variables. Our unique design and features combat many of the conditions which normally lead to the demise of the common mattress.

  • The unique design of the sealed Comfort Chamber significantly diminishes oxidation and degradation of the underlying foam.
  • Combining the sealed foam with our signature Tap-It-To-Tune-It valve prevents compression set in the foam (permanent sag/distortion) as air can always be added to the Comfort Chamber which brings the foam back to its original form.
  • In addition, the unique design prevents the mattress from being contaminated via mold, mildew, dead skin, bed bugs, dust mites, or absorbing bodily fluids or odors.

All of this helps to greatly extend the overall life of the mattress. This could very well be the last mattress that you will ever need to purchase.

Our Sleep System meets all federally mandated fire regulations including 16 CFR Part 1632 and 1633. The cover is made of environmentally friendly materials that are all inherently flame retardant (IFR). You can rest easy because SAFETY is in SWITLIK’s DNA

Our Sleep System is made from CertiPUR-US certified foam which means the foam is:

  1. Made without ozone depleters
  2. Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants
  3. Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals
  4. Made without formaldehyde
  5. Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
  6. It also has low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)

The SWITLIK Sleep System meets all federally mandated fire regulations through CFR 1632 and 1633 Flame Testing. Additionally, we do 100% leak testing on all chambers and valves.

The Sleep System has passed a 20-year roller durability test.

Our Sleep System is currently available in Twin XL, Queen and King standard sizing.

Twin XL mattress dimensions: 38”W x 80”L x 10”H, weighing 47 pounds
Queen mattress dimensions: 60”W x 80”L x 10”H, weighing 72 pounds
King mattress dimensions: 76”W x 80”L x 10”H, weighing 93 pounds

The SWITLIK Sleep System can accommodate up to 500 pounds per Comfort Chamber. The Queen and King Sleep Systems are dual Comfort Chambers, supporting up to 500 pounds on each side.

The cover is constructed from 100% Merino wool quilted to 100% wool batting, providing natural flame retardance. The Ventex® Fire Barrier fabric is built directly into the top layer and protects the mattress from combustion. Our Fire Barrier Layer is made of fabric blended from TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) FR Rayon and Para-aramid fibers.

Underneath the cover is the ventilation layer to optimize breathability of the cover. This ensures that our Sleep System stays at just the perfect temperature all night long.

More about Merino wool:
Merino wool is a natural fiber which is soft and comfortable, hypoallergenic, odor resistant, moisture wicking, anti-microbial and launderable.

When air is removed from the Comfort Chamber, it transforms the inherent firmness of the foam into a different, comfortable gelatin-like feel, while maintaining an evenness of support. We think it will feel like you are floating…but you can decide!

That being said, the Sleep System does err more on the softness feel than a firm feel.

Yes, SWITLIK is a proud American manufacturer, making all of our products in Trenton, New Jersey since 1920.


You may place an order directly through our online store or by phone, 1-844-SWITLK. Our sleep specialists are available Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM EST to 4:00 PM EST to assist you or you can email

While you are free to use a base or box spring of your choosing we do not include a base or box spring with your Sleep System.

We offer a Limited Warranty on the cover and a Limited Lifetime Performance Guarantee on the Comfort Chamber.

Limited Warranty for Mattress Cover: consisting of bucket and topper
Our warranty is pro-rated for a term of five years from the original date of purchase as invoiced and covers defects in materials and workmanship on the mattress cover of your SWITLIK SWITLIK Sleep System to include the integrity of sewn seams and the operational functionality of the zipper systems.

Limited Lifetime Performance Guarantee for Seafoam® Comfort Chamber
Our Limited Lifetime Performance Guarantee is valid for the lifetime of your Comfort Chamber and is non-transferrable should ownership of your Sleep System change. We guarantee the performance and functionality of your Comfort Chamber and its ability to remain simply adjustable. This guarantee covers defects in materials and workmanship on your Comfort Chamber. Also, we cover accidental damage to the outer film and Tap-It-To-Tune-It Valve on your Comfort Chamber

At SWITLIK we strive to ensure the satisfaction of each customer personally and individually. Therefore, the only venue from which you can purchase a SWITLIK Sleep System is through us directly on our website or by calling in to speak to one of our sleep specialists.

Unfortunately, we do not offer financing at this point in time.

We do accept both checks and money orders, although the process will result in a longer lead time for the delivery of your Sleep System. To place an order using a check or money order please call us directly at 1-844-SWITLK to speak with one of our sleep specialists.

Unfortunately, we do not remove existing mattresses but would recommend donating your old mattress. Donating your mattress is the ecologically responsible choice and several charities even come to pick up your mattress. We have a few places we recommend:

  • will help you find a local charity that will accept mattresses.
  • Salvation Army has a large network of charities and will pick up mattress

We understand donating a mattress is not always feasible and if you do have to discard it, we recommend checking with your city or town on how to properly dispose of the mattress.

The states of California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island have partnered with an organization established to create greener practices in the mattress industry, called the Mattress Recycling Council. Funds collected from customers in these states are governmentally mandated charges which fund the collection and recycling of mattresses and foundations which have been used and discarded. In short, the small fee imposed on your order funds programs to properly discard your old mattress. For more information please visit the Mattress Recycling Council’s website:


When selecting standard shipping, your Sleep System will arrive by way of ground service. The Sleep System is packaged in an easy-to-handle box.

Ground shipping within the continental US is included in your purchase price.

When you select standard shipping your Sleep System will ship by way of ground service with a time in transit between 1-6 days. Please refer to the map below for estimated times in transit. Expedited shipping services are available for an additional fee.

Switlik Delivery Map

The Sleep System is shipped in a 49” x 19” x 19” box. The Twin XL shipped box weighs 54 pounds, the Queen weighs 79 pounds and the King weighs 100 pounds.

Unfortunately, we do not ship to Canada. However we do ship to Alaska and Hawaii. If you reside in Alaska or Hawaii please call us directly at 1-844-SWITLK to speak with one of our sleep specialists.


All of the components of the SWITLIK Sleep System are packaged separately within your newly arrived package. Detailed instructions and other useful information are included in the smallest box, it will be the first thing you see when you open your box. The second box you’ll see is the cover. The Comfort Chamber is contained within its easy-to-move girdle. The detailed instructions will go over step by step the process of setting up your SWITLIK Sleep System.

Yes, there are specific tops and bottoms for both the cover and Comfort Chamber.

  • Cover: the soft, heather grey Merino wool is the top layer. Merino wool is naturally odor repellent, breathable and manages moisture better than any other fiber.
  • Ventilation layer: sourced from the sneaker industry, the ventilation layer is made up of versatile spacer fabric that has superior air circulation even under a load. 3mesh Spacer Fabric is not only pressure-absorbent, it also offers additional advantages in vibration protection and dampening.
  • The bottom of the cover is a special Slip-Not grip fabric that will help to keep your SWITLIK Sleep System in the right place.
  • Comfort Chamber: the Tap-It-To-Tune-It valve is located near the top of the Comfort Chamber. The Comfort Chamber is designed to be a no-flip Sleep System.

Either a boxspring or platform are fine to use with the Sleep System; however, we do recommend a solid foundation. A boxspring may slightly soften the overall feel of the mattress, as box springs tend to add some give to the foundation. But if the height of the mattress wants to be increased, then, a box spring is fine.

An alternative would be adding a Bunkie board to your bed fame. A Bunkie board is a 2-3" board that creates a flat, rigid surface to support your SWITLIK Sleep System.

When you press the Tap-It-To-Tune-It valve, air enters the Comfort Chamber. During set-up, you can use the round starfish decorated tool to help with the initial inflation. This tool snaps on to the valve on the Comfort Chamber, forcing it open. You should hear a click when you snap the tool on the valve and then the subsequent intake of air.

As long as the slats are no more than 5-6” apart, your SWITLIK Sleep System will be fine. If your slats are larger than that, the foam may be able to push through the gaps and lose some support. In that case, using a piece of wood (like a Bunkie board) as a foundation will solve the problem.

Yes, your bedsheets should fit. The Sleep System has a height of 10” so regular bedsheets will fit.

Yes, you can use an adjustable base. We recommend that you let some air out of the Tap-It-To-Tune-It valve so that your Sleep System will adjust to your base.

After removing the cover from its box, unfold and spread it across your frame. The cover comes partially zipped. We recommend laying the cover on your bed but you can set it up anywhere. Our Sleep System weighs less than a conventional mattress and can easily be moved when complete.

Once your cover is spread out, put the Comfort Chamber inside the cover. When the Comfort Chamber is fully inflated, it should fit snug against the cover sidewalls.


Our Sleep System is adjustable through our signature Tap-It-To-Tune-It valve. To let air in, simply depress the valve while the mattress in unoccupied with no load. To let air out while laying on the mattress, simply depress the valve and immediately release it once you have dialed in your perfect level of comfort.

We have great news. As you may have seen upon delivery of your Sleep System, it is virtually impossible to physically let “too much” air out. If the system is very compressed from releasing air, feel free to connect the supplied valve attachment tool to hold the valve open with no load on the mattress. To let just some of the air back in, simply remove all weight from the mattress and depress the Tap-It-To-Tune-It valve with your hand. You can make virtually any adjustment you want, as often as you want, throughout your entire ownership of the SWITLIK Sleep System.

Great news! In the unfortunate event that you puncture your Sleep System you can continue to use it until a repair can be made. The Comfort Chamber will retain its original support from the underlying foam. The adjustability will however be lost (ability to expel air), so we recommend that it be patched. A simple repair kit is included with your Sleep System. Contact SWITLIK Comfort Technology customer service for more information.

If when you are lying on the bed and pressing the Tap-It-To-Tune-It valve, air does not come out, you most likely have a leak. Remove the cover to find the source of the leak.

Yes, replacement covers are available. Please contact Customer Service for more information.


We recognize this is an important investment so we developed a program for you to test the Sleep System in home for 7 days. In the Test Before You Invest program, you’ll receive a demo Twin XL for you to test in the comfort of your bedroom.

You may be wondering why we only offer a demo Sleep System. Frankly, the mattress industry is wasteful. When a 100-day trial program offered by other companies is complete and you return that mattress, it goes to landfill. By offering a demo Sleep System, we are able to cut down the amount of waste eventually making its way to landfill.

Our return policy is simply no-hassle, meaning at any point within 45 days from the original date of purchase you can return your Sleep System. Please contact Customer Service to facilitate your return. All returns within the 45-day window will result in a credit of the full purchase price of the product via the original payment method less a returning fee of 10% MSRP.

In our Test Before You Invest program, we ask you to keep your original box to easily ship the trial Sleep System back to us.

In the event of a return, we realize you may not have kept your original box. Please contact Customer Service to facilitate your return.

Using the round black tool you received in your original package. Simply click it on the Tap-It-To-Tune-It™ valve like you did when you first set up your mattress. Then using your vacuum, connect the hose to the tool and turn your vacuum on for 3 minutes to remove the air. After 3 minutes, your Sleep System can be rolled up and secured using your Return Kit.

While donating your mattress is a commendable action, in order to receive your refund, we ask for you to send your Sleep System back to us. Please contact Customer Service to facilitate your return.

Unfortunately, once the SWITLIK Sleep System is opened, all sales are final. If you’ve ordered the wrong size before it has shipped, please call Customer Service to make a change to your original order.

Please contact Customer Service to facilitate your return. Customer Service will send you a Return Kit including the return packaging.

Use/continued care

Your Sleep System should never be too hot or too cold due to our signature ventilated topper/cover. With that being said, our Sleep System is 100% compatible and safe for use with most common heating pads.

No, the SWITLIK Sleep System does not sleep hot like traditional foam mattresses. We’ve designed our cover to keep you comfortable all night long. Made from 100% Merino wool, the cover is breathable and manages moisture better than any other fiber. A 4-Season material, Merino wool will cool you down in the Summer and keep you warm in the Winter. The ventilation layer within the cover also reduces heat build-up and wicks away moisture.

The ventilation and bottom section of the cover are 100% machine washable. After washing please hang dry. The top cover, constructed from Merino wool is dry clean only, to avoid stretching and shrinking of the wool.

The outer film on the Comfort Chamber is very durable and can be cleaned by soap and water or common (non-bleach) household cleaners, making our Sleep System as easy as possible to clean and sterilize.

Of course! All of our furry friends are welcome to enjoy our comfortable SWITLIK Sleep System. Just be sure not to let them dig or chew... although comfortable, our Sleep Systems do not make for a good pet snack!

The bottom side of our Sleep System is constructed with a non-skid material. Please check to verify that the mattress cover is properly installed and oriented so that the nonskid side is facing down and is not inside-out. Feel free to call one of our sleep specialists at 1-844-SWITLK for further troubleshooting assistance.

Fortunately, turning or flipping the Sleep System is not necessary. One of the many benefits of our Tap-It-To-Tune-It design is the ability for the mattress to recover to its designed shape. In fact, the Sleep System was designed to have a specific top and a bottom for added comfort.

No, since the SWITLIK Sleep System will be inflated within an hour of set-up, you can begin sleeping and adjusting it then. However, it is important to note that due to compression for shipping, you may feel your Comfort Chamber has not fully inflated. The Comfort Chamber will continue to expand for 2-3 days after opening.

Never! You will notice, based on your comfort preferences, that your mattress actually conforms to the contours of your body. The beauty of our revolutionary SWITLIK Sleep System is the ability to engage the Tap-It-To-Tune-It valve to allow the mattress to recover to its designed shape at any point.

Mattress pads are not needed or recommended for use with our Sleep System. While a mattress pad will not in any way harm the Sleep System, it will mitigate both the temperature regulating and comfort qualities of the system. Plus, with our topper/cover and Comfort Chamber being so easy to clean and sterilize and our Comfort Chamber being impermeable to contaminants, an extra layer of protection is simply not needed.

First of all, congratulations on your new dwelling! To compress your mattress to a “moveable” form, simply remove the cover/topper from the Comfort Chamber and connect our valve attachment tool to the Tap-It-To-Tune-It valve on one side and your home vacuum on the other. The tool will be clearly marked as to which side goes where. In a matter of five minutes after you engage your vacuum, the mattress will be compressed and reduced to a manageable and easy to move size. Disconnect the valve tool from the mattress, turn off the vacuum and the process is complete.

We are so excited that you love your SWITLIK Sleep System! Be sure to follow us on social media @SwitlikComfort and share your experience!

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