We are not a mattress company. But we know a thing or two about manufacturing high-quality products, coming from a blend of innovative engineering, advanced technologies, and patented manufacturing processes.

We’ve stood the test of time.

SWITLIK is a 100-year old, four generation, family owned and operated, American manufacturing company, founded and run by expert engineers, designers, and manufacturers.

Precision and experience from producing military equipment.

From our modest start as a canvas and leather manufacturing company, we quickly grew to one of the top suppliers of parachutes to the US Military during World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Between military conflicts, we continued to innovate and develop new products for the military. The precision and experience learned from producing military protective clothing and survival equipment is the foundation of our manufacturing process today.

Our promise.

Every day, people depend worldwide on our line of premium survival products in the most demanding conditions, from Mach speeds at 30,000 feet to the open seas during hurricanes. With others’ lives in our hands, we adhere to the strictest markers of quality, AS 9100C which satisfies DOD, NASA and FAA quality requirements…and that is the same standard we bring to Comfort Technology.

Why sell a mattress?

While working on an engineering development program to design a safer and more comfortable military jet ejection seat cushioning system, we created a self-inflatable structure that is capable of being pressurized while retaining the original shape of the unsealed piece of foam, with just the push of a button. Through testing, we found that not only does it make a comfortable ejection seat it also makes an incredibly comfortable mattress—I guess you could say someone was sleeping on the job during that testing!

It’s not just comfortable

With the Tap-It-To-Tune-ItTM button, adjust to your needs, when the right personal comfort is achieved, the shape and depression of the mattress is saved…no longer do you have to do the work to maintain the desired depression while you sleep. Not just simply adjustable, the Seafoam® manufacturing process makes the mattress lightweight yet durable, clean and cleanable, convenient and safe.

How It Works

Our innovative technology will revolutionize your sleep.

See It In Action

Watch the unboxing video.

Watch the Unboxing Video
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