Introducing the SWITLIK Sleep System

Introducing the SWITLIK Sleep System

What should you be looking for in your new mattress? Most of the time, we fixate on needing a “soft” or “firm” mattress, but in reality you should be looking way beyond that.

Improvements have been made in the construction of mattress over time and while the inside of your mattress may look very different than that of your great-grandparents or even the mattress you purchased 20 years ago, the overall design remains untouched, essentially a sponge for germs.

And that mattress has a lot more problems. One firmness fits all. Support without comfort. Dust absorption. Just eight to ten years before you need a new one.

We believe you shouldn't have to make so many of the tradeoffs existing sleep companies force you to make. You deserve a better, simpler solution. But that didn’t exist, so we invented it. Introducing the SWITLIK Sleep System. 

What exactly will you get with the SWITLIK Sleep System?
Simply Adjustable – touch to change the shape and support for optimum comfort.
Clean – hygienically sealed, cleanable Comfort Chamber and washable cover.
Durable – an investment in quality that will pay you back with years and years of use.
Convenient – much easier to lift and move than a traditional mattress.
Safe – designed and manufactured by experts to the highest standards.

See the difference of the SWITLIK Sleep System.

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Our innovative technology will revolutionize your sleep.

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Watch the Unboxing Video
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