Help, I'm Buying A Mattress!

Help, I'm Buying A Mattress!

Buying a mattress is a personal thing. We all have different ideas on comfort which makes the search for a new mattress a daunting process. Just a few of the considerations you have to think about include:


  • Is it comfortable?

  • Does it offer enough support?

  • Is my partner happy with the comfort level? Or will one of us have to compromise?


Not to mention the countless types of mattresses available on the market. Do you get spring? Foam? Gel? Memory foam? Do you really even know the difference?

How can you make an informed purchase decision if you don’t understand what’s available?

Stressful isn’t it?

The perfect fit today could lead to sleepless nights tomorrow. As your body changes over time, you need to make sure your mattress can accommodate your changing sleeping habits and preferences on comfort. Your mattress should adapt with you, not work against you.

So, is there actually an answer to the perfect mattress solution? Yes, there is.


The Perfect Mattress = The SWITLIK Sleep System Powered by Seafoam® Technology

At SWITLIK, we’ve created a mattress to answer all comfort concerns with the integration of our patented Seafoam® Technology. This means that the Sleep System can be adjusted to be either softer or firmer, depending on your individual preferences.

But are you thinking ‘there are so many adjustable mattresses on the market. What actually makes SWITLIK different?’  Well, unlike other mattress models, our mattress is adjustable without relying on electricity or air. No pumps, no hoses, no wires, no plugs – just a simple touch of the Tap-It-To-Tune-It® Valve to transform your sleep surface.

The SWITLIK Sleep System also offers two separate Comfort Chambers, which means no more compromising on comfort to appease your partner. Each side can be individually adjusted, without affecting the other side.


More Than Just Adjustable

Our Sleep System has not just been manufactured with adjustable comfort in mind. It’s also:

Clean & Cleanable

The sealed comfort chambers can be wiped down using everyday household cleaners and the layered topper and cover can be easily removed and laundered.


Safety is at the heart of everything we do at SWITLIK, which is why every inch of the Sleep System has been designed and constructed with safety as a priority. All materials exceed fire safety standards without the need of any harmful chemicals.


Whether you’re moving to a new house or changing your sheets, the SWITLIK Sleep System is much lighter than other mattresses, making it easier to move around.


Engineered to the highest standards of American quality, the Sleep System is backed by a lifetime guarantee. 

There you have it, the answer to your mattress woes with a solution that goes above and beyond the rest.


Change the way you sleep forever by ordering your SWITLIK Sleep System today.

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