Life Proof

The traditional mattress has its problems. One firmness fits all. Support without comfort. Dust absorption. A lifespan of just 8-10 years.

It's time for a solution that's designed for the way we all live our lives now. One that provides optimum personalized comfort and support. That's durable, long lasting and easy to move around. But that also protects you from hazards like fire and germs.

Introducing the SWITLIK Sleep System. It's truly life proof.

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The Switlik Sleep System

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SWITLIK Sleep System SWITLIK Sleep System

  • Simply Adjustable

    One size does not fit all. With our advanced Seafoam® Technology and the Tap-It-To-Tune-It valve, you can perfectly match the firmness and support in your bed to your personal comfort. Not just adjustable, but individually adjustable.

  • Clean & Cleanable

    The hygienically-sealed Comfort Chamber can be wiped down, the removable cover is launderable.

  • Convenient

    The next-generation Seafoam® Technology also makes the Sleep System conveniently lightweight and easy to handle.

  • Durable

    Our Sleep System is engineered to the highest standards of American quality, comfort and craftsmanship to provide exceptional performance and durability.

  • Safe

    Safety is at the heart of everything we do. Every inch of the SWITLIK Sleep System is designed and constructed with safety as a priority.

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How It Works SWITLIK Sleep System

The SWITLIK Sleep System
  • Inner Workings Inner Workings

  • The Cover The Cover

  • Materials Used Materials Used

  • Patented Technology Patented Technology

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5 Stars

The adjustable factor is great with a mattress that goes in a regular bed frame! We don’t have to redo the whole room for an upgrade to an adjustable bed

Jere B Read the reviews